Our Mission

Use this section to state your mission, vision, and values.
Your mission is “the work of your church.”
Your vision is want you want for the world.
And your values are the principles that motivate you.
Keep them brief and visitor friendly.

Below, highlight the core beliefs of your church and say a little about each one.
Try to avoid insider language.

Your mission statement goes here.


What sacramental acts do you practice and why are they important to you?


What do you believe about baptism? What happens during baptism?


What do you believe about the Lord’s Holy Supper? Who can participate and why should they?


Who and what is God? What role does God play in our lives? How do we relate to God?


How do you view the purpose the of the Church, catholic (church in general) or otherwise.


What role does Jesus play in our lives? What what the purpose of Jesus’ life here on earth? What was accomplished through Jesus’ death?

The Bible

What authority does the Bible have in the life of your church? How is the Bible incorporated into your ministries?


What does it mean to be “saved” according your congregation. How does one receive salvation?


How do you define acceptance of God’s children in the life of your congregation?

Holy Spirit

What role does the Holy Spirit play in the life of your church? How do you relate to the Spirit?

The Holy Trinity

What do you believe about the Holy Trinity? How do your different conceptions of God play out in your congregation?


What is sin and what role does it play in our lives? How do you address sin as a congregation?

Social Justice

What is our role in building God’s kingdom here on earth? What is our response to injustice?


What is your congregation’s responsibility to proclaim your faith to the outside world?


What role does marriage and family play in your congregation? How does it inform your ministry?


Use this section to list a belief that’s not mentioned in the other sections. Choose an icon that works for you.
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